June 12th, 2017

Restoring a company to receive complex fee reimbursement from RBS - do not miss the deadlines.

In November 2016 RBS announced that it was setting aside £400 million for refunds of complex fees to customers in its controversial Global Restructuring Group between 2008 and 2013. The bank has recently started the refund process and has already written to over 3000 customers detailing what is automatically due to them which can run into thousands of pounds.

Not only do the customers have a limited time period (28 days) to respond to the letter but many of the companies have either ceased trading or liquidated. In order to receive the refund they will need to restore the company. Applications for restorations will only be accepted if the company has been dissolved for less than six years.

In recent weeks our company restoration department and sister company have started the restoration process for several companies due to receive significant refunds from RBS. If you or your client have received such a letter and are seeking to restore a company please contact our restorations department and find out if we can restore the company for you. Our team have years of experience in restoring dissolved companies and can handle this process quickly and efficiently.

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