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Corporate Compliance
Keeping you on the right side of the Companies Act
The Companies Act 2006 is the largest piece of legislation ever, fully in force from 1 October 2009.
Offences under the Act can lead to fines for both the company and its directors, disqualification and even imprisonment.
More than 100,000 companies are struck from the Register of Companies each year, many for failing to comply with filing requirements. Once dissolved their assets become the property of the Crown, the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duchy of Cornwall. To release the assets requires a formal restoration procedure which can be costly.
Directors can find their actions being called into question if they act without due authority and/or fail to properly record events. Credit ratings can be adversely affected where the public record is incomplete or erratic in its filing history.
Companies formed under the 1985 Act need to seriously consider updating their Articles to take full advantage of the 2006 Act and to remove anomalies and inconsistencies. York Place can help by being in place to carry out the compliance function, to keep the company from default and to give comfort to the Directors.
Our in-house qualified and experienced staff are ready and able to help
Our services range from straightforward compliance to complex legal matters namely:

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  • Power of Attorney
  • First Board Minutes
  • Gazette notices
  • Allotments/transfer of shares
  • Bank mandate resolutions
  • Certificates of legal validity
  • Certified copies
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date
  • Lodging documents
  • Re-registration
  • Dormant status
  • Appointment of Director
  • Resignation of Director
  • Removal of Director
  • Transfer of shares
  • Restorations
  • Change of name
  • Increase in capital and share issue
  • Capitalisation of reserves
  • Creation of new class of shares
  • Consolidation, sub-division, conversion or cancellation of shares
  • Purchase of own shares
  • Alterations to Memorandum and Articles
  • Adoption of new Articles of Association
  • Registered office (London or Leeds)
  • Directors Service Address
  • Nominee shareholder and supporting Declaration of Trust
  • Nominee Director and relevant Directors' Deed of Indemnity
  • Appointment / resignation of directors/secretary
  • Registering as a foreign company / branch registration
  • Attendance at meetings and minute taking
  • Prospectus review
  • Annual company secretarial support (including registered office and nominee secretary)

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